A Mother’s Day Story

by Gabi Rose on May 5, 2014

Finally A New Weight Loss Approach for Mother’s Day

By: Gabi Rose, cialis viagra levitra samples MS

How many times during the day do you stop to consider the important role mothers play in society? A mother can influence the lives of numerous others on a daily basis including their children, spouse, family, friends and teachers. cialis cancer breakthrough According cheapviagra-canadapharma to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the word mother is described as, “a woman who has given birth to a child”. Mother's Love copyAs I am the proud working mother of four great kids, I understand the pressure and importance cialis and depression of being the perfect role model for our children. As we head into the month of May we pause to reflect and appreciate the upcoming holiday of Mother’s Day. As women we sometimes lose sight of just how much power we can actually wield when we want to. In between caring for our family, friends and financial needs we often take ourselves for granted and place everyone else’s needs in front of our own. I proclaim that we no longer have to take a back seat to the needs of others. This month I am putting forth a challenge to all women. I want each and every one of you to start taking better care of yourself. Little do you know but by putting canadian pharmacy yourself first you will give your children an invaluable gift.

Several years ago I tipped the scale at 298 pounds. At the time,

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I was completely focused on the wants and needs of my children; I never realized how much undo stress I was placing upon myself, my children and my husband. Considering where I was at during that stage in my life made me realize the following truth. It is nearly impossible for a size 24 woman to maintain an adequate amount of energy, stamina and discipline to be in charge and take control over any situation that may cialis and liver damage arise from her children or husband? Personally, I was always tired and suffering from relentless buy viagra online back and hip cialis print ad pain. Migraine, headaches and reoccurring asthma attacks became a routine part

of my week. At the onset of my migraine pain, the smallest amount of sound or light made me nauseous. The slightest movement would send my entire body into a panic in anticipation of the discomfort about to befall me. At times, things got so bad for me that my family no longer socialized with any of our friends, and we seldom went outside to do activities because of the embarrassment I felt and the insecurities http://viagracanadianpharmacy-norx.com/ I carried with me everywhere I went. The thought of going out on a date with my husband would never enter my mind inevitably resulting in the resentment I felt he held toward me. I was scared and felt very alone in the world. I was unsure what type of future my family, and I viagra and poppers were inheriting from my downward spiral of unhappiness.

In reality, what it took was a traumatic experience and 45 seconds of my life to fully understand that I had to change my life. I could not continue this way any longer. One day, I was driving home from my girlfriend house with my four children and I suffered a severe asthma attack. canadian pharmacy illegal in us As I gasped for my next breath of air, I reached into my purse and realized I could not find my inhaler. I started to panic, and I pulled over to call my husband on the phone.

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I struggled to tell him that I could not breathe as it felt like I was suffocating to death. I told him where we were viagra for altitude sickness pulled over, and he raced to the scene with my inhaler in hand. After using the inhaler my lungs began to relax and my breathing became normal again. As I pulled into my driveway, I realized how lucky I was to be home again with my family. This was the moment in my life when I understood how out of control my life had become and how frequent my asthma and panic attacks were becoming.
Before Pic of Gabi RoseThe next day my husband gave me a picture of myself he had just downloaded from the computer. He asked me to keep the picture with me as a reminder of what I

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was doing to myself. The picture and his words helped me understand the sad and painful truth. The person he had married was now trapped and living inside a shell of a body where it did not belong. cialis and viagra taken together It over the counter cialis was time to unzip the costume I had been wearing for so long and allow the real Gabi Rose to return.


My personal challenge to all women is to acknowledge the difficulties in our lives and put ourselves first. Over time I struggled to lose my excess weight but soon after, I immersed myself in the study and science of weight loss. Today, the knowledge I have gained and the personal experience I possess allows me to successfully teach other people the proper way to get them healthy. This can be accomplished by understanding that we all have the inner strength to take care of ourselves and the loved ones in our lives. All that is needed is to align ourselves with the right team to feel empowered. To accomplish this task I surrounded myself with the leading experts in the weight loss field. viagra effect start Here are a few recommendations I would like to share with you in order to put yourself first and take back control of your life.

Metabolism is a word that everyone talks about. We often times consider what it really means and how it effects our daily lives. Metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) that your

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generic cialis cost body burns while at rest. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) has a direct connection with muscles in your body and is related to your meth viagra pattern of eating.



Our bodies make a natural physiological shift starting in our mid 20’s for women with men experiencing this shift to a lesser degree. We tend to lose about 10-15 percent of lean body mass every decade. We lose approximately 7 pounds of lean muscle tissue

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and gain 15 pounds of body fat every decade. Obviously this changes the shape of our body as well as slowing down the way we burn the food we eat. In a woman’s mid 40’s, we may have lost 15 pounds of muscle tissue and replaced it with 30 pounds of fat. Routinely, the scales will tell us that we have gained 15 pounds; however, the situation is actually much worse underneath the surface. Muscle tissue is precious. It is the part of the body that drives that much needed metabolism and its loss leads to a drain of vitality, vigor and energy. Unfortunately, the situation gets worse for women after menopause. Due to dramatic changes in hormones the rate of muscle tissue loss doubles. The risk of osteoporosis greatly increases and bone loss occurs. On a positive note, we have learned that these unhealthy changes are the result of not enough muscle building and maintaining activity. This reality can be altered and reversed by simply putting a proper exercise program in place. Make sure your routine consists of strength training and remember to always eat properly. Keep in mind; it is a well known fact that the body requires less energy as we get on in age.


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