Creative Ways to serve Healthy Food to Kids this Summer

by Gabi Rose on July 2, 2014

Creative Ways to Serve Healthy Food to Kids this summerfruits

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Parents and guardians constantly think about the food their children eat. We consider the nutritional values and unhealthy ramifications of what we feed them every day of the week. As a health conscious, working mother of four I sometimes struggle to ensure my kids are getting the proper amount of protein and nutrients they need to feed their body and mind. Childhood obesity cialis online is skyrocketing at an alarming rate and it is up to the adults of the household to take charge and learn about what is in the food we are feeding our children and how healthier options could be introduced into the family.

Summer is the best time to make a healthy, lifestyle change

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for the entire family. Homework is on hold and the children have more time available with their family to enjoy activities together and create healthy lifestyle opportunities. For starters, invite everyone into the kitchen and make food preparation fun; get creative with the ingredients and let each person participate. In my home, I have removed most frozen foods from our diet and we no longer eat drive through meals. We substitute water with fresh fruit for soda and have eliminated most junk food from our lives. 1 Instead of cookies or chips my children enjoy snacking on items such as oven baked kale with sea salt sprinkled on top.


One of the favorite recipes in our household is homemade pizza. pizza We buy whole wheat Boboli crust (single serving size) and the kids pick from an array of fresh vegetables, tomato sauce (sugarless) and mozzarella cheese to sprinkle on the top. The pizzas are placed in the oven and we all watch them bake. I know we have all been told, “Don’t Play with Your viagra from turkey

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Food.”Well, in my house we use the pizza crust and vegetables to create faces and other fun designs cialis generic united states on our pies. The kids enjoy using their creativity and eating a healthy meal. Another household favorite is ‘omelet surprise’. This egg viagra generic delicacy is filled with various cheeses and vegetables with a hint of a mystery fruit to keep the taste buds guessing.


The kids enjoy making hand rolled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread. We all know how many kids hate viagra not working the crust, and this is not a cialis price in sri lanka problem for this

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recipe, the first thing to do is cut off the crust and roll out the bread. Once flattened, we spread 100% natural peanut butter (no sugar or trans-fats) across the slice and smear on the natural (sugarless) jelly or fresh fruit. Keep in mind some fruits have just as much flavor as the enhanced jelly versions sold in grocery stores. The sandwiches are cut into strips and passed out to the kids to create whatever design they would like. pbj The process is so much fun they forget they are eating something good for them. Another favorite is handmade chicken tenders from ‘real’ chicken breasts. We dip the chicken in whipped eggs and sprinkle parmesan and cialis order online crushed almonds all over the pieces and bake until they are nice and crispy.


Health and happiness are the greatest gifts online classes pharmacy technician we can give our family. images Next time you go shopping, spend additional time researching the food you bring into your home and share your findings with your family. Always make well informed choices when deciding which foodstuff to feed your loved ones. Julia Child once

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said, “You don’t have to cook fancy or cook complicated masterpieces-just good foods from fresh ingredients.” I tend to agree, Happy Summer!



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